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tv   Glenn Beck  FOX News  March 14, 2011 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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all of a sudden i'm worried. if you don't get fbn? >> demand it. >> neil: that is what lou dobbs did. he demanded so it much they gave him a show. kicks off tonight. the most powerful business line-up in all the world. lou and the rest, on the place everyone wants to be. captioned by closed captioning services, inc >> glenn: welcome to the "glenn beck program." i was feeting charitable so i pigged up a copy of the "new york times." i feel bad for them because of the sus scription rates and stuff. know what i'm saying? this is the newspaper that pointed out i've bomb apocalyptic and i'm a downer to watch. surprising coming from the "new york times." i thought they loved this show! anyway, i picked it up and i was looking at the headline. japanese scramable avert nuclear meltdown. wow! that sounds scary. death toll rises. frantic effort to rescue survivors. no flight zone in libya,
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backed by arab league. one of the worst story i ever read. this is about people here in new york state that are supposedly taking care of the ill, infirmed, mentally handicapped and they're abusing them. a horrific story. here is one. officers want to retake mexico and macy's wants you to find their magic. it's kind of a bummer, isn't it? oh, no, it's just called reality. that's what it is. or is it? is it reality or is there an agenda? when you are watching the news, does it have an agenda? i con tepid yes. but the truth -- i contend yes. but the truth doesn't have one. today i'll show you the agenda in the japanese story. i'll take a sunny attitude today and show you what the rest of the media is looking for, i guess a sexy story about nuclear meltdown.
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frankly, that's not the story. also, i want to show you that there are lessons to be learned from japan. dare i say it, we should prepare like japan. the answer is the same as it has always been. sanity, common sense, preparation. here is an idea? what do you say we live by the ten rules handed down from the top of the mountain. no, that's crazy. and apocalyptic! ♪ ♪ >> glenn: hello, america. it is impossible to adequately put in words the amount of destruction and suffering that is going on now in japan. last week's quake was the fifth biggest since they started measuring. and the largest ever in japan. it was almost a 9 on the richter scale. what does that mean?
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scientists are now saying that is an earthquake that happens once every 1,000 years. the u.s. geological survey says the quake shifted part of japan coastline. ready for this? japan has moved 13 feet closer to the united states. the earth moved ten inches because of this and the tsunami. the earth's axis was tilted slightly and shortened the length of the day by a couple of millionths of a second. part of japan's elevation has dropped do you remember the devastation in haiti do you remember what that looked like and how bad that was? that was horrible. but this quake in japan packed 1,000 times the punch of what hit haiti. you have probably seen the
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footage over and over again. i sat at my computer with my wife the other night looking at this stuff thinking oh, my gosh. moment that the earthquake struck. show the video of the buildings on the outside. this is amazing. watch the taller buildings. look at them sway. you will notice they didn't fall. whether this would happen in california now, i don't know. this is a testament to japanese ingenuity and honestly their preparation. they knew and they had prepared for years. then they were hit by something you can't prepare for. a tsunami. look at this. japan has massive seawalls to it. in some places as high as 40 feet. but they were a pebble in the path of a monster. the tsunami, look at that. nothing. what are you going to do?
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what are you going to do? this was caused by the sea floor, area 200 miles long, 50 miles wide. lifted up. that's what caused it. it was so powerful it traveled across the pacific ocean -- ready for this? watch this. there is the tsunami hitting japan. a few hours later, you have the golden gate bridge? there is video, i thought we had it, of the golden gate bridge. you see the wall of water rippling down to the golden gate bridge. it took the water less time to travel from japan to the golden gate bridge than it would you to travel in an airplane. the size and magnitude is mindboggling. thousands are missing and dead. of all the things that would affect the lives of the average japanese person and affect your life, the meltdown
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of this power plant, i'm trying to figure out how it's even in the top three. you am looking at this story and at best i see a lazy media. it's just like hey, nuclear noter. bad. play film of explosion. that is what it is. despicable sexy television in the news business. here are the headlines. >> pan battles nuclear meltdown. if you do a search on nuclear meltdown you will see 10,000 stories and blogs on how japan might experience a meltdown. do you know what it means? the headlines says japan nuclear meltdown fears bring call for rethink of u.k. energy policy. wow! i read that one and the wheels started to churn. then there was this one. u.s. experts fear chernobyl-like crisis for japan. what does that even mean? i'll tell you in a minute. obviously i don't want to minimize a nuclear power plant
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melting down. that's really bad. and bad for other reasons [ japan, nuclear plants supply 30% of energy there. in america it's 20%. the whole idea of melting doub is spooky. it will never turn into a bomb. but i don't think we need to all get cancer and die is japan going to be chernobyl like or is it three mile island? again, what does that one mean? it's funny i'm too apocalyptic and the media pounces on that. they say i'm kind of a bummer to watch. did anybody see "the today show "? the news is saying is america next? they highlighted the cities in california and the nuclear power plant. is america next? don't telling me they're saying you should prepare. no, it just said you could be next. definitely don't prepare, because that's crazy talk. here they are not giving perspective or context.
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just something that sticks out, because there was something that i read on saturday morning that stuck out. i want to share it with you. you will understand why the story is running. besides the lazy journalism. i was reading the story. i found a story that's circulating on the blogs now there is, there is a story from a guy who works at m.i .t. he explains how a nuclear power plant works. i want you to know he's not a nuclear scientist. what kind of scientist is he? a mechanical engineer. the reason he wrote the blog that is everywhere because he has family and friends over there. they were freaking out. he did his research and said listen, this is how it works. i want to explain this to you real quick. there are three lines of
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defense. in this. i'll explain this a little easier here. in just a second. i'm going to of course use m&ms. and that will, of course, -- okay. it's the first line of defense. it's this utter shell. this is what you saw explode. i'll explain in a second. that's what you saw explode. then these are the nuclear rods. this is a line of defense they're not rods, they're actually -- i'll show you with the m&ms in a minute. this is what makes the steam. here is water. this is what makes the steam. rod and water, boils the water. then it's in this containment facility like this. this is the last line of
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defense. it's all cement. let me show you how it works. to show you how much more has to go wrong, first the power plant shouldn't be standing today at all. it wasn't built to withstand a line on the richter scale. this is seven times more powerful than what the plant was designed to handle. it's still standing. a miracle that it is. here is what you have. you have nuclear fuel. pellets. put them together and the rods. just like this. colossal waste of m&ms but i get most of my energy from hem, too. then they're put in, this is the core. they are put together. put in here. this is where they do their magic and they boil.
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water. this is the core. the core is in this facility. containment facility. i have to take the m&ms out. the five-minute rule. anybody eats m&ms besides me, i break your hasn't. put in here, water is put on and this is sealed. where you get the steam. the pressure cooker. this is why i'm not a nuclear scientist. no way i could close that. then they cover this all with concrete. then they build the outer shell. now, what has happened? first, because it was boiling and the pressure cooker has a steam coming out, which it's supposed. to they need to release pressure so the whole thing didn't explode. they relieve the pressure in here. when you saw this footage.
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show the video up here. when you saw this footage of this explosion right there, has anybody explained what that is? that is the steam coming in here mixing with hydrogen. i can't explain it. i'm the guy with the m&ms on the show. the steam, that is this happening, the outer shell blowing. this isn't the sealed containment. this is like the last line of defense. this is what you have to worry about. this, remember, is impossibly sealed. this has the containment of the rods. which is the first thing to melt down. then this. then it's contained in concrete. let me show you. the rods will eventually break down when the water level -- this is happening here. the water level should be here.
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when they say the rods are partially exposed it's because water is boiling out and the steam is coming out. the steam is supposed to be recollected in this facility, brought back out, cooled and pumped back in. but because there is no electricity, it couldn't pump it back in, so the water is going down and the steam is going to the atmosphere. as the rods are exposed it gets worse because then the steam is exposed to this. got it? the rods will break down, the water will go away and they will be left with this iron or steel and concrete bowl. the theory is the concrete and steel bowl can stand up to like 5,000 degrees celsius. this burns at 3,000 degrees. so far, everything worked beyond what it's supposed to do.
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it's so stable at this point -- remember, seven times more powerful of an earthquake it was supposed to even stand. you still have this. if everything works the way it should, this can sit there forever and burn forever and it won't be a problem. could something go wrong? you bet. it already has there was an earthquake seven times the power it was supposed to have. so it could. it could go wrong. but look at this with perspective. say everything melts down. everything goes wrong. what happens? well, you got most of the people out already. they have everybody out within 12-mile radius. that's what they say. so here is the meltdown. let's just say worst case scenario, 12 miles. it cannot explode.
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remember, it can't turn into nuclear bomb. it will kill 210,000 people. that's if there were still 210,000 people here. 210,000 people. a nightmarish tragedy. right? that is assuming all the people are there and all the containment doesn't work. there is something else cooking around the world. there is no more containment left. it's called the bond market. if the united states dollar collapses, which i'll show you at the bottom of the hour, you are starting to have the meltdown, if that collapses, how many people will die of starvation? because we have no more money left, how many people will die because the u.s. military won't be able to go in and
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save them? won't be able to protect them. ask what happens when the u.s. military can't show up or doesn't show up. ask the people in libya what happens. if the bond market melts down, do we have more or less than 21,000 deaths globally? why would the media focus on the japanese nuclear megadown and try to tell you that you should prepare in california because of an earthquake? if you are living in california and you don't know you could be hit with an earthquake, tsunami and nuclear power plant sliding in the ocean, you're too dumb to live anyway. they ramp up the possibility of all of this. when reality with each passing minute it becomes less likely.
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i con tepid they do it because of -- i contend they do it because of an agenda. i'm skeptical when i see the experts spinning, like this is going to be a horrific tragedy, like the one at three-mile island. how many people died at three-mile island? anyone on the floor want to take a guess? anybody know? thank you, jack. zero. not one. not one. so where are the experts coming from? well, here is the early i read early saturday morning -- here is the article i read early saturday morning that said, "if we don't control this, we go from a partial meltdown of the core to a full meltdown, this will be a complete disaster." well, that sounds bad. when i read that and i saw joe, where is joe from? oh, from flou shares fund. he's the president of
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floushares. well, that's fantastic. i think about plough shares. who start and fund ploughshares? yes, say it with me. spooky dude. george soros. george soros. in the same article quoting the ploughshare guy another expert talks about pumping the sea water into the plant. he said, "i would describe this and measure as a hail mary pass." i thought oh, my gosh. robert, that sounds bad! robert should know because he's from isp, whatever that is. wow! i got on the internet and looked. it's an organization that works on nuclear disarmament for the institute of policy studies. guess who? guess who? say it with me. yeah. george soros and the tides foundation.
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huh. so early on saturday morning the radical left is already busy at work. instead of trying to figure out how to help people, how to prioritize, what is really going on, they're just making sure that this crisis just doesn't go to waste.
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>> glenn: ahhh. so, talking a little bit about japan. i showed you a minute ago how the left is already don't let a crisis go to waste. jumping on the disaster of japan. as a chance to lobby against nuclear energy. i showed you here a minute ago. how many died because of three mile island? zero. how many died because of chernobyl? this number was 4,000, that is eventual from radiation, that comes from the u.n. so you know you can trust that number. 4,000, that is a lot of people. not happening. but that is a lot of people. okay.
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okay. my question to you is the bond market, if the dollar collapses, how many millions will starve to death? as i say, will it be more or less than 4,000? if the dollar and the bond market collapses, more or less than 4,000? look at this. they are jumping on the fact they want no nukes they want no coal. they want no oil. wow! that leaves us with wind. and cow farts. oh! the sun. okay. good. we have that. if we could make cow farts less damaging to the ozone and turn it into fuels for the cars we'll all be set.
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maybe obama can mandate all cow fart standards. all cars have to be 15% car farts by 2020. that's about how ridiculous the energy policy is in this country. not only are opportunists going to take advantage of the crisis in japan, they are going to use the event and take advantage of japan itself while they are down. do you remember the fabian window? the fabian window here. remember what they are doing. the fabian socialists. this is a famous window. we talked about it. a wolf in sheep's clothing. the earth is on fire. but they are the ones heating it. the earth is on fire and they're beating it and rehammering it to remold it to the heart's desire. i have news for you. the hearth has heated up. it's being remolded.
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has anybody noticed that china a few week ago were openly hostile to the japanese. you just don't do this in china. they had protests about the japanese in china. suddenly, they're not only extenting the gracious arm, which okay, that is good. the loving heart of mao suddenly burst forth. okay. cool. i can understand serge and rescue team and financial aid, but now they are going a step further. now it's a propaganda campaign from inside of china saying what can we learn from the japanese a the way they are handling the crisis. if i didn't think communists were evil i might think it's natural and normal. but i remember it's red china. china and japan are always at each other's throats. recently, including a controversial helicopter flyover of a destroyer of a
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ship. arrest of a troller captain near the ship they are claiming. they're right about one thing, however. we can look it it without propaganda or no agenda. we can talk about how much there is to learn from the japanese and how they are candling this crisis. and ask ourselves this. if god forked by a -- god forbid there is a crisis -- i mean today from the "today show" i learned california, there are earthquakes there? wow! should we prepare? the question is will we handle things the same way? we always have historically. but look at the japanese. the people are politely and
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calmly and patiently standing in line to get aid and supplies. supermarkets are cutting prices. vending machine owners are giving out free drinks to people who are just working together. there is no looting. we talked about in a meeting early this morning and later this afternoon. no one on this staff can remember a crisis this big where there is no looting. so what are we learning about the human spirit? we have already seen how low it can be pulled down. we see people here fighting in wendy's and denny's and just tearing each other apart. we have seen the protests that are not peaceful protests in wisconsin. please! people going in. and busting through the doors. and trashing the capital building at the slightest hint
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of a civil rights violation. i was at church yesterday. i was -- i heard a preacher. i have went to a gospel church in harbor island in the bahamas. it was an amazing experience. i want to bring this guy in. he is the preacher there. he was amazing. he's a former rastifarian and a drug smuggler. he changed his life. but he prayed for the people of japan and the people of america. he prayed for revival all around the world. he said lord, you told us these things would come. here they are. your people are preparing and
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your people are standing together. it's amazing to me, in a way it's tragic, but it takes awful things to happen for to us find best in ourselves. i would ask you tonight to pray for the people of japan. as you probably already are. but also pray for guardians around their freedom. god is not neutral in these things. i think there are far too many people looking for a new world order that will never let a good crisis go to waste. may the better angels among us grow. and vanquish the darkness around us. stand in solidarity with the people of japan. would about it have been better to bring a little bit of japan to wisconsin instead of cairo?
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i'm patti ann browne. the head of the u.n. nuclear agency says japan has asked for help with its crisis. the water levels today fell inside one nuke plant twice leaving uranium fuel rods exposeed and raising the threat of a meltdown. the japanese news report said 2,000 bodies washed up on shore in the province hit hardest by friday's tsunami. today we learned the driver of a bus that crashed in new york on the way back from a casino was once convicted of manslaughter. he had also served time for grand larceny. the accident claimed a 15th life today. read more on glenn returns in a moment but first bret has look at what is coming up on "special report." >> bret: we look at the emergencies at the nuclear plant. what if anything will nuclear issues there mean for energy production here? join me in 24 minutes for
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"special report" now back to glenn beck in new york. ♪ ♪ >> glenn: japan's nuclear meltdown is what everybody is talking about. but there is another meltdown that people should be concentrating on. if you really want to prepare. if you really want to make a difference and be a life raft for someone else. that is the economy. japan has the largest amount of debt in the world. their debt which is caused by giving free stuff, not necessarily in the case of japan, but free stuff. older generation that was promised stuff, it's now 226% of gdp. ours is just only about 100%.
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japan when you have a debt, because you are giving out free stuff, you need to sell bonds. our treasury bonds. japan's bonds. those are loans to buy free stuff for china, or we'd come in and buy bonds. we buy it for things we can't afford. like a credit card. that's what the bonds are. a credit card. japan's bond market is the second largeest in the world. we're the biggest. more importantly, they are the second largest foreign holder of u.s. treasurys. those are all credit cards. so they have our credit cards. they have been buying her money to buy more free stuff and give it away through the end of last year. but look at what is happening in japan now. this has been done before with japan. they are going to need to start spending money at home,
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not buying investments, not buying our junk bonds. after the kobe earthquake in 1995, that's what they did because they needed to spend $3 trillion yen on rebuilding efforts. today they just manufacturered, 15 billion yen and dumped it in the system. japan is about to be reset. we know they will stop buying treasurys. but will they sell treasuries? they don't have the money to fix the instruction. so they start dumping our treasurys because they need that money to fix what was broken there. it get weathers worse from here. let other people cover the meltdown of the nuclear power plant. that's bad. but this affects the entire world. we told you last week the
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biggest bond fund pimco dropped all of the u.s. debt from the fund. all of the treasury. the world's biggest private bond fund said yeah, we're going to cancel america's credit cards. we're getting rid of those. okay. now the guy who made that decision, his name is bill gross. he manages the fund. he's not a slub. named fund manager of the decade because they outperform everybody else. news reports are now saying others might follow pimco. really? they might follow? might? pimco runs the largest private bond fund, more successful than anybody else. when the world's largest anything says i don't think we're going to do that, do you think everybody else listens? remember the e.f. hutton ad? this is what we told you to watch for with george soros. george soros does this right
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before an economic collapse. he always says, well, my hedge fund, nothing is wrong. i don't think it's a good investment. i'm getting out of their bonds. people listen to george soros so they say he must know something i don't know. pimco is ten times soros of the bond market. the clock started. the clock started. let me show you this chart. we bought the rest of this, 10% of the fed. according to pimco, 70% is being bought. our debt, credit card bought by us. with what? 30% foreign. so if japan isn't buying or they sell, what happens? who will buy them in the future? it won't be japan. the scary part is there are credible people out there now talking about inflation, as a
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good thing. if you have debt, you need credit cards, you go to a country or bank, and they give you loans, credit card, but if nobody will give you that, you have to print your own money. inflation is what you can't do when you want to buy something, you go to the basement and print it up. you can't do that. but the government can they say according to several articles now, people are seriously looking into inflation as a way out. something a financial advisor wrote about in his newsletter. "given the powerful inflationary forces in the world, inflation will stay low in the near term. this gives some comfort to mainstream economists who think we can create inflation to solve the debt problem in the short run." in other words, make your dollars worth less, worth less, worthless, to pay off
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the debt. a secondary warning. what is happening in japan. they are molding it and reshaping the world closer to their heart's desire. socialist, the fabian socialist remodeling and remolding the world. i showed you in the beginning that soros that soros is trying to sway what is hopping with the nuclear power plant. we showed you that china is now strangely trying to convince people that an ally is japan. what does it mean? what does it mean to you or your bank account? i want the show you the various countries where preceding hyper inflation, what was happening. before this, hyper inflation, france, bolivia, brazil, poland, germany, japan and the
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united states. now japan is slightly over 40%. here is where we are. at 45%. where are we. there we are, 4%. who is going to buy our debt? japan's central bank injected 15 -- i thought it was a billion, but it's trillion, isn't it? trillion yen. $183 billion. right in to the market to stabilize their economy. the nuclear meltdown story is the one that everybody is talking about. the one that really truly affects every human on earth is the possibility of the global economic or bond meltdown. that is the threat.
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>> glenn: in the deeply religious west bank settlement, over the weekend terrorists broke in the home of an israeli family. this happened friday. this was a night of bloodshed that charles manson couldn't imagine. it has left the fogel family, friends and all of israel in shock. devastated, but it seems to me, maybe it's just because of the horrible tragedies that are happening in japan, that people aren't seeing it, but it's worth stopping. recognize that the mother of six were butchered to death, with their six children, two boys, aged 11 and 3. and a 3-month infant girl.
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i have the photos of the murder scene. i can't show them to you on television. but i have two small children. what kind of monster can murder a small child. they apparently went to the bedroom and slashed the throat of dad and his newborn baby girl. ruth, his wife was stabbed at the entrance of his bathroom. the evidence looks like she tried to fight the terrorist she lost. the killers went on to slash the throat of the 11-year-old son who was reading in his bed. they god they didn't notice
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the 2-year-old asleep in his bed. but they went on to butcher the 3-year-old. two stabs right in the heart. after that, the killers locked the door, and exited through a window to escape. here comes the 12-year-old daughter. she returned home that night. she found the door locked and asked the neighbor to help her get in. only when the young girl entered the bedrooms and saw these, except not in picture form. she realized her family had been brutally butchered. she ran from the house screaming. there is great, powerful evil in darkness.
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if you think this is eel, wait until i tell you -- if you think this is evil, wait until i tell you how the story ends. next.   e
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>> glenn: in the 1960s, i was too young to remember charlie manson.
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but bernadine doran talked about c, they stabbed the pregnant one in the belly. that's bill ayers' wife. powerful evil. i just told you the story of what happened in israel this weekend, the killing of this family. pictures i can't show you on television. it's horrific what they did. but if you think that is bad, now let me show you the pictures that i can show you on television. the reaction of the gaza residents. this is more disturbing. after terrorists slaughtered family, innocent babies they passed out candies. one resident said the joy was natural, "a natural response to the harm settlers inflict on the palestinian residents in the west bank. " the same people that danced in the street to celebrate the
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death of 3,000 americans on 9/11. we are living in times that i believe god will judge each of us for what we do and do not do. and if it's not god, it will at least be historians. i will go back to say what i said at the beginning of the year. there is great and powerful evil and great and powerful light as well. get in the light. stand in it. because evil is growing rapidly.
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